Dust Control

BX-CC offers dust control and soil stabilization to stabilize road surfaces and reduce maintenance. To suppress dust on gravel roads, gravel parking lots, and other dirt surfaces in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota, contact BX Civil and Construction today!

Dust Control Soil Stabilization with Dust Eliminator

Dust obscures vision, penetrates homes, covers vegetation and stunts crop growth. Dust is a common cause of allergies and hay fever. Eliminating dust results in less wear and maintenance on engines and electronic equipment. Because of this, BX-CC deploys Dust Eliminator to improve your roads.

Dust Eliminator Facts

Dust Eliminator is safe. Composed of chloride, it is as safe as table salt.

Dust Eliminator is long lasting. Dust Eliminator will improve roads for six to twelve months.

Simple Application. The applied chloride solution absorbs and retains moisture from the air to stabilize the soil and control the dust.

For more information, view a PDF brochure here. Or watch our Dust Eliminator video below.

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